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"Welcome to the world of Devotional and Traditional Games and Toys! Help your child learn morals and values right from where they are - a child.

Our name Sakhyam signifies friendship, as we believe that friendship is the most important element in a child's development, be it by having friends in their personal toys or individuals.


How to identify Sakhyam's Products

Simply check the logo "S" at the back of the toys. Since it's our own creation and our original concept, we wish that you get the orignal products in your hand

Our Products
RC cars

Among our selection of remote control toys, you'll find a variety of RC vehicles for spirited land, air, or water adventures.

Murlidhar Soft Toys

A beautiful blue boy Krishna Soft toys in an export quality fabric with no strands. No lead and kind of toxic. Completely skin friendly.

Upcoming Products
Ludo board

A game everyone fondly remembers playing in childhood but Sakhyam's Ludo is gonna be exceptional.

Snake & Ladder

One of the favourites among kids, Sakhyam's Snake & Ladder game is going to win over the current one.

Leaf Ball

Traditional balls are much fun. Stay tuned for more details!

Cow toys

We have all kinds of animals' toys in market but not much of Indian Cows, hence Sakhyam's Cows Soft Toys.

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